Rick Grainger was the perfect choice for our wedding. Rick met with us four times before the wedding and was kind, polite, and helpful each time. He allowed us the freedom to make four payments toward our total before the wedding, which helped us in budgeting for other things.

We had a great time doing our engagement photos with him, and they looked great. He was willing to go to two separate locations to photograph.

On wedding day, he was the first person to arrive at the venue. My wife and I got ready in two separate locations about a mile apart, and Rick went back and forth between these locations to get pictures while we got ready and the bridal party started showing up.

He was upbeat, helpful, funny, and courteous all day long. He was able to tactfully say the things to my groomsmen and family that I did not feel comfortable saying. For example, to my groomsmen, “A gentleman wearing a two button suit buttons only the top button unless its a funeral, and this is not a funeral, gentlemen.” Thank you, Rick. I was thinking it, but you said it.

His photography of the wedding itself and the reception was excellent. Every shot we could have wanted, Rick got it. One of my guests, as Rick walked by us to take a picture of something commented, “he has not stopped taking pictures for a minute.” That’s pretty accurate. He did not stop until the bride and I left, and by then it was just Rick, a couple guests, and the bridal party.

After the wedding, we waited only a couple weeks before he sent us a link to a gallery of more than 1,500 photos. We were very happy with the results. I could not recommend Rick more highly.

Ryan & Heather Wood
Monte Sano Lodge – Huntsville, Alabama
Married – November 4, 2017