Hey there. I'm Rick.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography with a combination of classic elegance and a modern flair.
Taking the stress off of you and allowing you to have fun is what I do, while at the same time capturing the excitement and emotion you have for your loved one in my combination traditional and editorial style of photography. Natural light? Artificial light? No problem. My many clients have described my images as emotional, creative, and unique. That is how I approach every session with every client. You are unique and your photos should be too. You are worth it!
Clients get total commitment. Whether I’m providing portraits or wedding photography, total commitment, 100% of the time. Although wedding photography has changed considerably in my 30+ years of photographing weddings, one thing remains constant. You are unique and your love is real. Capturing the excitement and emotion throughout the day creatively and artistically creates your first family heirloom that you, your children, and your grandchildren will enjoy throughout your lives.
I am looking forward to learning all about your unique story.