June 30, 2016

Amanda and Chuck | A downtown Decatur, AL summer wedding

Amanda and Chuck’s fantastic wedding took place at Syke’s Place on historic Bank Street in downtown Decatur, AL.

This was my first time photographing at this venue and I was quite impressed. It is a very intimate setting with beautiful exposed brick walls, perfect for photography.
A wise man reminded me that it was once thought that couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. Thus, the popularity of June weddings grew and remains to this very day. I certainly hope that this is true for Amanda and Chuck. They make the perfect couple.

As you can see, Amanda was absolutely stunning in her wedding gown.

The bride.

The groom and his entourage looked quite dapper as well.

Groom and groomsmen

And although it was a typical, sweltering Alabama summer day, both the bride and groom were real troopers when we did some couple’s portraits at nearby Jones Park and Frazier Park.

bride and groom Bride and groom

And even your’s truly got in on the photo action.

Bride and Rick

Finally, I couldn’t go without showing you one more as the reception was winding down. Of course, Chuck makes a most excellent Deadpool.

Bride and Superheroes

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